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The Saddest Pin Set Ever by Ezra Brown (Feb 3)

The Saddest Pin Set Ever by Ezra Brown (Feb 3)

In what may be either a genius or a terrible marketing move, art toy shop Tenacious Toys has teamed up with California artist Ezra Brown on The Saddest Pin Set Ever.


This limited-edition enamel pin 3-pack features Ezra's signature character Happy the Clown, along with Ezra's own furry friend Coco (RIP). Coco wears a halo, as she is no longer with us. Happy the Clown is seen shedding tears, and also depicted lying down and "pushing daisies" as the expression goes.

So what does it all mean? In a nod to Ezra's artistic exploration of happiness, sadness, triumphs and defeats, Benny's concept for this pin set deals with the joy and pain of daily life.

Our pets can be our best friends, yet we are cursed in many cases to outlive them, again and again and again. It can be enough to make even the Happiest of Clowns break down in tears...

A lot of us have lost a "once in a lifetime" pet that we really connected with - for Ezra, that was Coco. Only one thing can stop that kind of pain... your own death. Yeah, one day you'll be pushing up daisies too. If you're lucky, you'll walk across that Rainbow Bridge and find your Coco on the other side. We can only hope.

There's a lesson here somewhere. Actually, it's not that hard to find: make every day count. Enjoy the laughter and the pain, it'll all be over too soon.

Grab these pins and put them on your bag or your hat or your jacket and let them serve as a reminder to live every day to the fullest.

Do something good every day. Cuddle with your cat, give your dog belly rubs. Kiss your kids as they fall asleep. Walk an old lady across the street. Help a neighbor shovel their driveway. You never know when it'll be your last chance to do that.

The Saddest Pin Set Ever features 3 enamel pins ranging in size from 3 inches (Happy Pushing Daisies) to 1.5 inches (Coco), each with 2 posts and rubber backing.

All 3 pins are affixed to one cardback, adorned with Ezra's artwork. This is a limited edition of 200 sets.

The $30 pin set drops on the homepage of Tenacious Toys at 1PM EST on Friday February 3rd.

Catch Benny and Ezra on Instagram Live at 2PM just after the drop, chatting about art, life, toys and characters and of course, this pin set.

Ezra Brown IG: @ezrabr0wn 

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NEW Year of the Water Rabbit Lucky Bags Available

NEW Year of the Water Rabbit Lucky Bags Available

We have BRAND NEW Lucky Bags available for the Year of the Water Rabbit! Each bag or box contains items worth at least DOUBLE what you pay! Guaranteed happy.



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So U wanna be a micro influencer?

So U wanna be a micro influencer?

Are you a toy collector who is already making videos on social media about the toys you collect?

Then this post is for YOU!


What is a micro influencer, you may ask? Well, it's a person who creates content on social media but may not have millions of followers. So, probably kind of like... you.


Go to thesocialcat.com/creators - sign up & find Tenacious Toys in there & apply.
Make the entire system work double for you: go to our website TenaciousToys.com and click Join or Login in upper left corner (on desktop).
Establish an account with a password, find our Rewards Points Panel (link in footer) and grab your referral / affiliate link (it’s called a Refer a Friend link).
Use this affiliate link on social media when you post unboxing videos or fun reels or wherever you post. You can share your unique link in your bio, in the comments or on the post itself depending on where you post up.
Using this system gets you 500 Rewards Points whenever we get a new customer from your referrals, plus your followers get a $5 off code to use in their first purchase! You get free toys, we get videos made about our toys, everyone wins! ⁣
Being an influencer is FUN! The better your videos are, the more toys we want to send to you. It really is win/win/win for all of us. 



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Tenacious announces special preorder of NOIS by JT Studio

Tenacious announces special preorder of NOIS by JT Studio

JT Studio has granted Tenacious Toys a special preorder for his super limited NOIS figures in PLUS, MINUS and PURE variants.

The Tenacious preorder window closes January 13th after which the order will be shipped from JT Studio - these items are currently ready to ship from JT!

Each NOIS is hand numbered, 12" tall and highly detailed.


NOIS full of our lives. We bear countless noises under positive masks, and sometimes it makes us lose ourselves. At this moment, only by believing in our initial intentions and directions that we could find ourselves back.

NOIS is an independent series which completed this year. Through the connection between me and my creations, I will use NOIS to convey the things I love, so that the series could be more integrated into life.

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TILT by Erick Scarecrow drops Jan 11

TILT by Erick Scarecrow drops Jan 11

Esctoy.com and Erick Scarecrow created this retro mini pinball figure called TILT. Produced in ABS/resin, the figure perfectly captures the energy and excitement of the classic arcade game.

Standing at almost 2 inches tall and featuring subtle detailing, this piece is sure to be a conversation starter in any home or office.

This is a limited stock release and it'll be available for purchase at tenacioustoys.com on Wednesday Jan 11th at 7PM EST for $15 each.

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Sket One Sket Sum Available Now ! ! !

Sket One Sket Sum Available Now ! ! !

BUY IT NOW: https://tenacioustoys.com/collections/new-in-stock/products/sket-sum


Sket Sum is Sket's entry into the competitive Dim Sum arena! Just kidding, these soft squishy foam toys are not to be eaten but are super fun to play with. Comes in dim sum style container. #sketone @sket_one #dimsum #squishy

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Richie the Tanuki vinyl toy by Ali Six Available Now ! ! !

Richie the Tanuki vinyl toy by Ali Six Available Now ! ! !

BUY IT NOW: https://tenacioustoys.com/collections/new-in-stock/products/richie-the-tanuki-vinyl-toy-by-ali-six


Richie is a character and toy designed and produced by Chicago artist Ali Six. #chicago @ali_six_ #artist #streetart



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THE LITE TOYS Custom Show Opens in NYC Dec 16th

THE LITE TOYS Custom Show Opens in NYC Dec 16th

The Lite Toys in collaboration with Tenacious Toys presents:

THE LITE TOYS Pop Up Show in NYC kicking off on Dec 16th!

THE LITE - the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible!

The LITE TOYS SHOW will feature one off custom toys as well as several small runs of resin figures that light up or glow in the dark or under black light - a visual feast for your eyes!

Also available for purchase at the show will be pieces from The Vintage Vault, going back a decade or more - rarities that almost never see the light of day but will be available and on hand for discerning collectors to purchase and take home.

In addition, several current art toys from the Tenacious Toys website will be available for purchase at the show, including Skinny Caps, Cryptozoo-Fubi, Danger Dogs and many other items.

Get lit up December 16th!

DATE/TIME: Opening December 16th, 2022 at 5PM

Show runs December 16, 17 & 18 from 5-10PM

LOCATION: Space 279 Pleasant Ave, New York, NY 10029


  • Big C
  • Boy in the Corner
  • Bunny Mischief
  • Chris RWK
  • CreepyMonsta
  • DuBoseArt
  • Elusive Arts
  • Fatdad's Toys
  • FatOh
  • Fetch for Donuts
  • Fett Up Toys
  • Freaky Kiss Designs
  • Glow Man Dan
  • Hot Actor
  • I am JC
  • Imagination Studios
  • Jay E!vl Terol
  • Kendra's Customs
  • Mad Hattress
  • Milo San Luis
  • Nomes
  • Pixelbudah
  • Playful Gorilla
  • Resin Rookie
  • Revise_d
  • Richard Page UME Toys
  • Rick Sans
  • Rios Palante
  • RunDMB
  • Scadutes
  • Scott Wilkowski
  • Serg and Destroy
  • Snackrabbit
  • Studio A+I
  • TNT Plastic

Unsold pieces will be available after the show comes down on The Lite Toys website: https://thelitetoys.com

Join the KRVASA Facebook Group for more info and sneak peeks: https://www.facebook.com/groups/753532201408153

Big C Baby Fatts

Gus by Glow Man Dan

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Sevenger Ultraman Vinyl Odyssey 9-inch Soft Vinyl Figure by Seismic Toys

Sevenger Ultraman Vinyl Odyssey 9-inch Soft Vinyl Figure by Seismic Toys

BUY IT: https://tenacioustoys.com/collections/new-in-stock/products/sevenger-ultraman-vinyl-odyssey-9-inch-soft-vinyl-figure-by-seismic-toys

The newest figure from Seismic Toys is this 9-inch soft vinyl Sevenger robot art toy! This is officially licensed and super awesome! 

#robot #ultraman @seismictoys #tenacioustoys


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Over 50 Vendors - The ultimate destination for ALL TYPES of creatives to connect with each other. From artists and designers, graphic novelists or art toy enthusiasts; guaranteeing you’ll find something at Creative-Con that interests your taste! Get those special one of a kind gifts here!  

🗓️December 10th, 2022  ||  Saturday  ||   11am - 8pm
🏠110 W 19 St - New York, NY 10011

🎟️ TICKETS available at www.Creatives-Con.com or www.TheCreativesTCP.com
📱QUESTIONS? DM, Comment, email info@Creatives-Con.com

🧸🏀🪀🧩Toys for Tots will be collecting!

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LAST CALL for Fey Folk Gremlin, Redcap and Kobold

LAST CALL for Fey Folk Gremlin, Redcap and Kobold


Fey Folk are sculpted, produced, and hand painted by Weston Brownlee and depict his interpretation of traditional Scottish, English, Irish, and European faeries.

The Gremlin, The Redcap, and the Kobold were originally sculpted in 2019 and are the inaugural three characters in the series.

While these characters will continue to appear in the Fey Folk Collection in the future, these original sculpts will be vaulted after December 12, making this the last chance to get yours!

If you're already a collector don't miss out on the original three -if you're just getting started, the three that began it all is the perfect place to jump in.



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See you at Creatives-Con 2022?

See you at Creatives-Con 2022?

What is Creatives-Con?

CREATIVES-CON is the ultimate destination for ALL TYPES of creatives to connect with each other in one day. From artists and designers, graphic novelists or art toy enthusiasts; you'll find something at Creative-Con that interests your taste! This year's event will be held on December 10th in New York - Manhattan. 

Support an event by and artist FOR artists and creatives everywhere!


Where is Creatives-Con?

110 W 19 St
New York, NY 10011
11am - 7pm


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