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Aloha Tiki black t-shirt by NEMO PREORDER now ! ! !

Aloha Tiki black t-shirt by NEMO PREORDER now ! ! !



This warm greeting comes to you from sunny and friendly New York City, where the East Coast Tiki master NEMO paints, sculpts and carves his signature tiki-inspired designs from within the gritty city!

NEMO shows us that the concept of Aloha, the breath of life, can come from anywhere. We New Yorkers here extend our gratitude, kindness and respect to each of you, no matter where you are.

Everyone needs a little more Aloha.

This super soft black cotton t-shirt is a preorder, so place your order now in your chosen size before April 14 to ensure that our limited production run of this Aloha shirt includes one for you. We will produce at least 48 of these shirts but no more than 99 total.

These shirts are preorders which are slated to ship in late April or early May.

Design by Mike NEMO Mendez & vectorization by Playful Gorilla.

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