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Janky Series Four

Join Tenacious on Whatnot for Superplastic RAID DAY

You've seen me talk a lot about Whatnot lately... why?

Because it's a live selling platform that just works REALLY well. I can engage directly with you and talk to you, show you what is cool about each of the art toys we sell while I interact directly with you. It's the closest thing to meeting up with me personally at the Tenacious booth at a convention!

Why do we use Whatnot?

Whatnot allows me to sell products, unbox items right in front of you, conduct auctions, give away freebies (that's a HUGE part of the fun!) and grant you access to my personal stash of art toys, samples, prototypes and one-offs!

But I already have so many apps

I know, I know, ANOTHER app. I get it, I am 44 and there are too many apps to follow. But take if from me - if I am onboarding myself to Whatnot, it MUST be a worthwhile app to us. I wouldn't steer you into something that I wouldn't use myself.

So what's in it for me?

There's literally no downside, and tons of upside. Perks include getting a free $10 credit when you sign up thru my link (button above), direct access to creators, and givvies (literally free stuff) given away on most shows. The whole thing feels like a gameshow, and you are the participant. You can lurk and watch if you prefer, or join the chat and talk to friends new and old, meet new people who share your interests, build your community. It's been really great TBH. 

Bidding and buying stuff is optional and not required. Sometimes I watch shows while I do dishes or ride the bus. It's been a phenomenal way to connect to a new facet of our toy collection community.

Today's Superplastic Raid on Whatnot

Today the cutting edge team at Superplastic has organized a RAID - that means, a series of related shows by different creators that run all day, one after the other. When one show ends, all the viewers/participants are booted into the next show automatically without having to do anything. This RAID is obviously a celebration of Superplastic and it's a great way to get into Janky Series Four which is their newest blind box series (in stock now!).

Tenacious on Whatnot at noon EST

Today's raid starts at 11AM EST on Whatnot with Superplastic Sam as a host, then the 2nd show is OURS at noon! Our show is going to be one hour JAM PACKED with awesome, so you don't want to miss it! Auctions of open box Jankys, prizes for top bidders and enthusiastic participants, and hot deals on other SP toys! After our show, the homie Weird Flex comes on, and then several more Superplastic influencers and fans!


  1. Starts at noon EST
  2. Sign up and follow us here
  3. Direct link to today's show is here
  4. More info at SP Discord here
  5. Opening a full carton of Janky S4 - auctions starting at $5
  6. Highest bidder for the show’s auctions gets a free Holiday Guggi
  7. Most team spirit gets a free Tenacious t-shirt
  8. Superplastic inventory available at special prices (buy it now “marketplace” listings)
  9. Free exclusive sticker set with each order.

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