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K-NOR Warrior Skull resin bust drops May 12th

K-NOR Warrior Skull resin bust drops May 12th

Tenacious Toys is preparing for a May 12 incursion of demonic warriors from the depths of hell!

‘Warrior Skull’ is a dimensional realization of K-NOR’s helmeted skull character, a recurring motif in both his street art and personal work. With a battered and rusted helmet, majestic ram horns and evocative battle cry, ‘Warrior Skull’ is sure to entice anyone in the mood to hear a good war story.

An edition of just ten signed and numbered pieces, molded and cast by Forces of Dorkness and completely hand painted by K-NOR, these are collectible toys at their very finest.

Priced at $280, Warrior Skull is 6.5” tall and 5.5” wide, and comes securely packed in a giant box with plenty of foam. Warrior Skull drops at 6PM EST on Friday May 12th, only at Tenacious Toys. Find them in the Tenacious Toys resin boutique!

About K-NOR
K-NOR is a Brooklyn-based artist and designer known for painting large scale outdoor pieces which blend macabre imagery with a bright, graffiti inspired color palette and an illustrative execution. His work seeks to explore the dark side of human nature, injecting it with playfulness and a generous dose of sardonic humor. (Check out his IG)

K-NOR runs KREEP SQUAD, a Brooklyn-based design studio and creative consultancy. Their work is recognized for its unique blending of illustration and design inspired by street art, comics, and the golden age of skateboarding. KREEP SQUAD works with clients across a broad range of industries to craft memorable visual experiences imbued with an energy of youthful defiance and do-it-yourself attitude.

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