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RLUX Cyberskull Custom Show Price List

RLUX Cyberskull Custom Show Price List

The RLUX Cyberskull Custom Show at NYCC Booth 1771 will feature micro 3" resin Cyberskulls, and custom one-off 6" and 12" tall resin Cyberskulls.
Below is a semi-complete price list of the pieces in this show (missing "TBA" info will be updated ASAP): 
  • Ophelia Toys: Untitled, $400
  • WeStudio: Bot Killah, $750
  • Hot Actor: Lucky 13 (12"), $1,600
  • Mr. KumKum: CYBERKILLER (12"), $1,300
  • Murd3rBird: Magneto 2099, TBA
  • David Bishop: $400
  • KLAV9: Untitled 12", $600
  • KLAV9: Untitled 6", $250
  • Kendra's Customs: Prismatic, $350
  • UNCLE Studio: Terraformer, $350
  • 5th Turtle: Cyberskulls: Adamantium 3", $150 each 
  • Revise-D: Cyber Sunset 6", $275
  • Revise-D: Faded off Green 3"minis, $125 each
  • AW177: Skull Eyes, $500
  • Big C: CyberShift, $400
  • Glass Ink: untitled, $250
  • Playful Gorilla: The Enforcer, $380
  • Elliot Lobell: untitled, $250
  • Rock Ink Toys: Rock Monster, $350
  • Pufftronic: Jazzamatazz, $320
  • Killer Napkins: The Misfit, $300
  • K-NOR: Untitled, $250
  • Prime: Till We Meet Again, $300
  • Freakykiss: Cyber Vice, $150
  • LostnCreative: Project Midas, $300
  • Forces of Dorkness: Untitled, $250
  • Jared Circusbear: Ted Lasso, $675
  • Soko Cat: SoKo Skull, $400
  • JCORP: $400
  • TBA
  • Nicky Davis: TBA
  • Priscilla's Arte: TBA
  • Marking Boy: TBA
  • Dubose Art: TBA
  • Mecha Beach: TBA
  • Mr Mento: TBA
  • ChrisRWK: TBA
  • Ente Writers: TBA
  • David Stevenson Art: TBA
  • FU-Stamps: TBA

All pieces for sale at NYCC booth 1771 during the show. 


  1. Come to the booth, take a number from Benny (like a deli!)
  2. When it's your turn, you can buy the following: ONE 6" or ONE 12" custom Cyberskull, plus ONE of the 3" micro resin artist Cyberskulls (from the above list). Plus you may also buy ONE of EACH of the "production" factory painted Cyberskulls or other RLUX resins. Plus you may buy ONE Catbat from the Catbat custom show. 
  3. If you still have other RLUX or Catbat customs you wish to buy, you can ask for another number from Benny's Deli and you can re-join the back of the line and cycle back through to make another purchase (same rules as above).
  4. ALL Cyberskull customs and ALL Catbat customs will stay in the Tenacious glass cases until the end of the day Thursday. We will record your full name and which custom(s) you purchased. Customers can present an ID and pick up their purchases starting at 5PM. We will provide a nice safe box for you to get it home.
  5. NO PURCHASING RULES or limits on Friday, Saturday or Sunday of NYCC.
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