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NEWSFLASH: Cyberskulls Take Over New York!

NEWSFLASH: Cyberskulls Take Over New York!

NEWSFLASH: Media outlets report widespread pandemonium in the streets as Cyberskulls take over New York!

The epicenter of this invasion is predicted to be Booth 1771 at New York Comic Con on October 12th! Hide your wallets, Cyberskulls have been known to drain bank accounts, leaving families destitute! 
Filipino Cyberskull creator RLUX appeared unremorseful at recent appearances. Some say he is actively encouraging the spread of his Cyberskulls into North America and Europe!

Be on the Lookout

Authorities urge the citizens of New York not to panic. The Department of State has released a newly updated list of insurgent Cyberskulls and their known associates, along with how many of each has been spotted on US shores, and how much each one seeks to drain from victims' accounts:
  • 3" Cyberskull Boba Fett (10) - $85
  • 3" Cyberskull Infantry (1) - $85
  • 3" Cyberskull Mando (4) - $85
  • 3" Cyberskull Babayaga (4) - $85
  • 3" Cyberskull Toxin (6) - $85
  • 4" OG Ruff (15) - $30 (a dangerous new cyber dog hybrid)
  • 6" Cyberskull Plasma + Ruff 4" set (15) - $150
  • 6" Cyberskull Boba Fett with helmet (8) - $130
  • 6" Cyberskull OG (5) - $130 (NEWLY SPOTTED IN A BIGGER BOX!)
  • 6" Cyberskull Showtime (5) - $130 
  • 6" Unicorn Blanks (3) - $200 (apparently these are 1/1 prototypes - a NEW invader. No box)

The Invasion Analyzed

Sources say all the above Cyberskull invaders will convene at the Tenacious Booth 1771 at 10AM inside New York Comic Con on the west side of Manhattan.

Beware of Collaborators

To add to the chaos, authorities report that there appear to be dozens of collaborators worldwide who are actively enabling this invasion! Suspected collaborators are centered in Asia, North America and Europe. Interpol has released a list of these collaborators, so citizens should be on the lookout for Cyberskulls modified by the following rebel specialists: 
  • 5th Turtle
  • AW177
  • Big C
  • ChrisRWK
  • David Stevenson Art
  • Dubose Art
  • Elliot Lobell
  • Ente Writers
  • Forces of Dorkness
  • Freakykiss
  • FU-Stamps
  • Glass Ink
  • Hot Actor
  • Jared Circusbear
  • K-NOR
  • Kendra's Customs
  • Killer Napkins
  • KLAV9
  • LostnCreative
  • Marking Boy
  • Mecha Beach
  • Mr Mento
  • Mr. KumKum
  • Murd3rBird
  • NEMO
  • Nicky Davis
  • Ophelia Toys
  • Playful Gorilla
  • Prime
  • Priscilla's Arte
  • Pufftronic
  • Revise-D
  • Rock Ink Toys
  • RunDMB
  • Soko Cat
  • UNCLE Studio
  • Wilson Alinea

Managing the Chaos

Tenacious booth manager Benjamin Kline indicated that he was ready for the Cyberskull invasion. 
"We have a plan for Thursday," Kline says. "I will be handing out numbers like a NY-style deli to attempt to control the crowd at the beginning of the show. I anticipate a peaceful event, but I will be limiting the number of custom Cyberskulls each attendee will be able to pick up per transaction: for the one-off customs, there will be a limit of one 6" and one 3" custom or resin micro Cyberskull per number/customer." 
"After that transaction, each customer is free to grab another number from booth staff and re-join the back of the queue to make another custom purchase. Production Cyberskulls from Department of State's published list will be limited to (1) unit or each style per customer. This ensures a fair system for all attendees and prevents the Cyberskulls from completely obliterating the first few customers' bank accounts on Thursday."
"There will be no such rules or limitations on Friday, Saturday or Sunday," Kline added.

What to Do to Prepare

Authorities recommend maintaining focus and discipline during this impending invasion. With only a few days to prepare, the consensus is that there is power in information. Follow @tenacioustoys on Instagram for live updates and more photos of the Cyberskull invaders, and keep an eye on their NYCC blog posts for more pertinent info.
Ignore the illicit graffiti and propaganda you may encounter as you enter New York City. Secure your wallet, choose your credit cards wisely. Create a plan and stick to it as you walk onto the show floor. 
Be on the lookout for the big blue dog in the back of the convention center.
You've been warned.
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