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Marbled Vinyl Release - Mushiro and The Moths

Marbled Vinyl Release - Mushiro and The Moths


Debuting at Design Festa Vol. 57, Number 2 Combo are excited to announce that marbled soft vinyl Mushiro the Beetle and The Almonds are now available for pre-order!  

Each Moth is 30 USD plus shipping and measures 5.5” in height. Each Mushiro the Beetle is 35 USD plus shipping and measures 6” in height. These are soft vinyl figures made in Japan and designed in Canada by the brothers from Number 2 Combo (formerly Cereal Box Toys Go!). The figures are pulled in a special marbling of snow white and blue-gray vinyl. Mushiro and The Almonds are the first figures in a planned line of insect fighting themed sofubi.  

 To order, please send an email to including your full name, shipping address, and desired quantity. Orders will be accepted from June 2nd until June 9th at 23:59 EST. Once the invoice is paid your pre-order will be locked in. Please note that payment is required prior to the pre-order deadline. If payment is not received the order will be cancelled. The toys are expected to begin shipping out mid-July, although this is an approximate date as these vinyl toys are made to order.  

Mushiro is a hercules beetle who’d rather eat beetle jelly cups than fight, but the recent return of Insect Fighting has brought him back to the fighting circuit. Mushiro hopes to collect all the insect belts and use them along with his fame to as a platform to run as the first insect politician and end Insect Fighting once and for all. 

The Almonds are a pair of co-dependent moth brothers who always fight as a team. They aren’t’ particularly strong or intelligent, so they rely on tricks and manipulation to win a fight. The Almonds motive for fighting isn’t clear. It’s suspected that they accidentally signed up for the Insect Fighting circuit believing they had registered for a credit card to buy a new TV.  



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