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Threezero Founder Mr. Kim Fung Wong discusses “Fishergirl and Little Sea Elf” by Chinese ink artist Zao Dao

Threezero Founder Mr. Kim Fung Wong discusses “Fishergirl and Little Sea Elf” by Chinese ink artist Zao Dao

Threezero Founder Mr. Kim Fung Wong discusses “Fishergirl and Little Sea Elf” by Chinese ink artist Zao Dao



A really fascinating interview of Mr Kim Fung Wong, founder of Threezero, about translating Chinese ink artist Zao Dao's ink pieces into full-on articulated action figures. Have never even seen these before, and Fishergirl and Little Sea Elf is apparently Threezero's second set from Zao Dao. 

This is really a great example of me being too overloaded with emails and work to pay attention closely.... Threezero solicited these to us in December 2021 and I totally completely missed that email (5 days before Christmas, maybe that's why) but I am now kicking myself.

This set is a really good example of the type of works that I am super interested in - a fully artist-driven piece of collectible art, translated from 2D into 3D by a capable production partner. They look absolutely beautiful and so now I must contact Threezero to see if I can obtain some sets for my shop! Maybe a year too late? We will find out! Below is more info:

Zao Dao – 1/6 Fishergirl and Little Sea Elf (Standard Edition) 

With dogs lying on the ground, palm trees growing

everywhere, sunbeams reflecting on the water while snorkeling, everything was so chill and mellow in the village where Zao Dao, the Chinese female artist, was on vacation. It has become the concept of Zao Dao’s latest work “Fishergirl and Little Sea Elf”.

The story is about the adventure of a hard-working and brave fisher girl “Simu” and her 21-year-old muscular dog “Two-three”. One day, they meet the little elf “Shu” who is unrestrained, ever-changing, smart and troublesome. They live happily on the island, and begin with a series of joyful and mysterious adventures. 

Based on this story, threezero launched the threezeroX series of collectible figures for this artwork. In addition to the 6-inch "Simu " and "Shu”, and the dog "Two-three".

Background of ZaoDao:

Zao Dao is a passionate Chinese artist who was born in the 1990s. She has created many artworks which contain dreamscapes evoking strong senses of calmness, peacefulness, and courage.

Her first artbook named “Song of Sylvan” was published in 2015, where she introduced us to her fantasy world with her unique style of ink painting. The elves and monsters in her paintings had left a strong impression on readers around the world. Since then, threezero had begun developing a series of 1/6 figure projects with Zao Dao; leading with Crow Teeth from “Song of Sylvan.” In 2018, threezero collaborated with Zao Dao again for the project “Little Bugs.”

(note that the only example of Zao Dao's works that I can find on Amazon is "Cuisine Chinois" here.)

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