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One-Eyed TEQ63 by Ophelia Toys

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Key Product Details

  • Artist: Quiccs
  • Manufacturer: Martian Toys
  • Size: 6 inches
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Edition Size: 5

This is a run of 5 pieces of the 6” TEQ63 customized by Ryan aka Ophelia Toys! These are hand painted and hand customized so each one will be a little different. Group shot to show you all 5 of them, but this listing is for just one piece.

6” tall vinyl platform  designed by Quiccs, paint by Ophelia Toys, produced by Martian Toys.


Artist Profile



Quiccs, whose real name is Quiccs Maiquez, is a Filipino artist, illustrator, and toy designer who gained international recognition for his unique style of combining traditional graffiti and street art with elements of electronic hip-hop culture.

Quiccs began his professional career as a graphic designer and illustrator in Manila, Philippines, where he worked for various local design firms and advertising agencies. During this time, he started to develop his unique style, which drew inspiration from his love of hip-hop music and street culture.

In 2012, Quiccs started to gain recognition for his work as a toy designer, collaborating with local and international brands to create custom designer toys. He also started to gain a following on social media, where he shared his art and design work.

In 2015, Quiccs moved to Hong Kong to work as a creative director for a fashion company, where he continued to develop his art and design work in his spare time. In 2016, he gained widespread attention for his "The Ghost of Kurosawa" design, which featured a stylized Stormtrooper helmet with traditional Japanese samurai armor elements.

Quiccs has since collaborated with a variety of brands and artists, including Adidas, Nike, Sony, and Marvel, and his work has been featured in galleries and exhibitions around the world, including in the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

In recent years, Quiccs has focused on creating art and designer toys that blend elements of hip-hop culture, street art, and technology. He is also the founder of the Bulletpunk Network, a collective of artists and designers who aim to promote and celebrate Filipino street art and culture.

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