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Sket One Kranky Series One Blind Box

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This is a mystery figure: no one knows which ones you will get until you open the boxes! 

LIL’ CANS = BIG DRIP 😍  Welcome to the SUPERPLASTIC KRANKY SERIES ONE party  🎉 👹  Our 14 favorite artists collaborated with Janky & Guggimon to pack their beautiful minds into our tiniest toys 😍  

3.5” of soft vinyl hasn’t brought anyone this much joy... well, ever 😬  PLUS super-secret-ultra-exclusive-barely-any-made alternate colorways floating in the mix!!! AND DID WE MENTION THEY ALL RATTLE?!?!?! Limited edition & you never know what ur gonna get 🤐 


Artists include: 123Klan, ADD FUEL, CHEO, Clogtwo, CRAOLA, Dalek, DELVS, Flying Fortress, MIST, REDS, Scribe, Sket One, TooFly... and ???

NO RETURNS ON OPEN BOXES - once you open it, it's yours!

Key Product Details

  • Artist: Sket One
  • Manufacturer: Superplastic
  • Size: 3.5 inches
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Edition Size: Limited

Artist Profile

Sket One

Sket One

Sket One is an Los Angeles based visual artist with an old school urban background. Uniting pop culture reference, strong color, and bold type, Sket One has created a perse and impressive portfolio of work including graffiti, toys, customs, canvases, and apparel.

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