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Q&A: Can you make my character into vinyl toy?

Can you make my character into vinyl toy?

I was hoping we could collaborate somehow or if not you can maybe give me some guidance.

A: How many pieces do you think u can sell?

Q: I have no idea. I’m willing to invest in the project. But I think I can sell 100 for sure. But it’s really hard to gauge.

A: Vinyl toys usually have a 1000-1500 pc minimum at the factories i deal with. That's why i ask. Tooling is mega expensive and is usually the limited factor for vinyl. Maybe the character is better suited to resin, which has lower minimums and no real tooling cost.

The tooling cost for a relatively simple vinyl art toy would probably run about $10,000 (two $5k moulds). So if you make 100 units, the tooling cost alone per unit would be $100. Add to that that a busy factory would never stop their production line for a tiny 100 unit order. They just wouldn’t accept the project, not the factories we work with anyway. So by definition you'd have to run at least 1000 units in vinyl to get the factory to work on the project.

Resin is a different story, we could do maybe 300 units in resin, but the flip side is the price would be pretty high per unit, think $60-75 maybe for low run high quality painted resin figurines in boxes.

Toy projects are always expensive, usually over $10K all told, at least. There are a lot of factors that go into the decision about vinyl vs resin and also run size (edition size). 

The short blanket answer is no, in most cases we cannot produce your item for you without having you pay for the entire project.

And we would want to make sure that the item has a chance at selling out (if you've never produced a toy before, jumping into vinyl right away is not recommended due to the high quantities and high cost of the project).

In rare cases when we can see that you have a large and spendy / rabid fan base, it may make sense for us to co-produce the item with you.