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Faulty Dogs


 This project is a collaboration between the artist Breadwig and Tenacious Toys.

Bryan “Breadwig” Ballinger is a children's book illustrator, muralist, and character designer. He is the author and illustrator of the scratch-and-sniff picture book Animal Gas and worked for years at the animation studio that made VeggieTales. His latest project is designing a line of art toys called Faulty Dogs, based on his silly dog drawings. You can see more about Bryan at

Tenacious Toys is a veteran 18-year-old online designer toy shop that specializes in limited edition collectibles like Faulty Dogs! Benny at Tenacious has a long track record of successful Kickstarters as well as successful development, production and delivery of art toys & collectibles. Plus he loves dogs, so it's a natural fit! You can see more odd toys over at his shop

 Each toy will come in custom Breadwig-designed, collectible-worthy packaging!