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Why Shop at Tenacious Toys?

Great question, here is what we offer:


At Tenacious Toys, our mission is to spread smiles around the world. So we always run a set of incentives to make you smile when the mail arrives. We all need a whole lot more smiles these days... currently our incentives and promotions are as follows:

  • Free sticker pack when you sign up for our email list & send an SASE to our NYC mailing address
  • 10% off code for selected items when you sign up for our email list via this page
  • Sweet Rewards Points program that rewards you with points for all purchases, forever. Make sure you always log into your account before making a purchase. Check your points balance and redeem points by clicking on the blue Rewards Points button in the lower right corner.
  • Free US shipping for orders above $150 (with flat rate options below $150)
  • Free Canada shipping for orders above $250
  • Free International shipping to any other country for orders above $500

Current free pack-ins (updated Feb 2022:

  • free sticker with every order
  • free Danger Dog enamel pin with all $75+ orders

Ease of Ordering

With 15 years of shop refinement under our belts, we know the importance of a fast & easy checkout process! We accept many types of payments (credit card, Paypal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay & Google Pay, as well as 6 different cryptocurrencies) and we even offer a Payment Plan option during checkout.

Once you've ordered from us the first time and established a Tenacious Toys account, all future orders will be extremely easy and fast for you.

We do ship worldwide to all countries that are serviced by postal systems, UPS or Fedex. If your country is not on our list, contact us.

We offer between 4 and 10 different shipping services for each customer to choose from during checkout, depending on your location.

Service & Communication

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on professional and courteous customer service. We work very hard each day to address your questions and concerns in a timely fashion.

At Tenacious Toys, when you call, email or message us, you will receive a response from either Benny Kline himself, the owner, or from our customer service rep Annie.  So you either have a direct line to the owner of the shop, or else a person who communicates with Benny on a daily basis.

Ease of Contact

Tenacious Toys is active on many social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and several others. Each of these channels offers an easy way for you to contact us by direct message. While we prefer to handle all order inquiries via our contact form (this is a time saver for us), we try very hard to respond to all DMs.

Getting the Right Info to You at the Right Time

Tenacious Toys runs two blogs to help keep you informed:

  • the Shop News blog features info about items which we sell in our shop
  • the Tenacious Ninja blog features info about other artists, companies, drops, releases and general art toy industry news

Both of the above blogs automatically feed their respective social media accounts (FB, Twitter & Tumblr) to make the info easier to follow.

Tenacious Toys offers a multitude of targeted email lists which you can sign up for. These lists will automatically send you info relevant to the types of art toys you like to collect. Visit our email list signup page to see which lists you can sign up for and how they work.

For those of you chasing the more limited items, we now have an Advanced Release system which gives you early access to our hottest releases. Our Advanced Release System Expansion (ARSE) now includes the following 3 options: SMS/text messaging, email, or private Facebook group notifications.

Professional Packing & Shipping

When we started Tenacious Toys, Benny spent the first 10 years either packing all orders with his own two hands, or having a friend do it in a nearby storage facility.

After a decade and tens of thousands of orders shipped, the physical workload became overwhelming and Benny moved the entire operation out of the NY area and up to Michigan.

The current Tenacious Toys warehouse is a professional warehousing and shipping operation located in Ann Arbor. They are incredibly good at what they do, packing each order with care and creating bulletproof boxes with plenty of packing material inside so that your limited edition art toys survive their long trips to your door.

The Tenacious warehouse operates at light speed during normal business hours (Mon - Fri, 9-5). They have shown week in and week out that they can pack boxes faster and better than Benny himself, often shipping over a hundred packages for Tenacious Toys in one day. (Benny's best was 33 in one day when he did it himself!) They have now shipped well over 18,000 packages for Tenacious Toys!

Community Involvement

Since the inception of Tenacious Toys in 2004, we have directly supported independent small artists and small business in every way possible. In many cases, we buy products directly from the people that make them so they they receive the maximum amount of cash money possible to continue running their businesses and making their art.

While that might be enough for some shops to claim that they support indy artists, Tenacious Toys has always taken it several steps further: we actively promote the names and works of independent artists on a daily basis. By continually growing our network of collectors and customers, we can offer a larger and larger audience for indy producers and artists each year. We name and link to these artists and producers both on our website and on our social media, create press releases and blog posts about them, and team up with them on releases, promotions and at comic cons and trade shows.

In short, we put every ounce of our considerable marketing muscle into promoting the works of emerging artists. We know very well that the support we give at the beginning of an artist's career can propel them forward that much faster into a self-sustaining life of creation. The art toy / designer toy scene needs novel art and new faces/styles to remain fresh and vibrant. This is the only way to maintain that secret sauce of awesome that we all love dipping into.

To explore the independent artists and small businesses that we support financially, simply go to our Nav menu: 95% of the customizers, artists and manufacturers listed there are either independent artists / business owners, or small mom & pop operations like us.

Support a Small Business

Tenacious Toys is a true "mom & pop" shop owned by Benny & Steph. When you shop at you are directly supporting an American small business. While we do buy from vendors and artists located in other countries, the majority of our dollars earned through Tenacious are put right back into the American economy in one way or another.