Rainbow Rumpus 7-inch vinyl figure & print by Scribe x UVD Toys Available Now ! ! !

Rainbow Rumpus 7-inch vinyl figure & print by Scribe x UVD Toys Available Now ! ! !




A Tenacious Exclusive! Rainbow Rumpus figure & print.

Scribe's 7" vinyl "Rumpus" draws inspiration from the character's classic relaxed walking pose. The dynamic stance captures the artist's iconic character in motion really giving life to the figure.

  • Title: Rumpus
  • Artist: Scribe
  • Producer: UVD Toys
  • 7" tall
  • vinyl
  • Tenacious Exclusive rainbow colorway limited to just 100 pcs.
  • Comes with matching hand signed and numbered 8x11 inch print!

About Rumpus:

Years ago, a young rhino named Rumpus was taking pictures of a friends lettering piece under a bridge. An inter-dimensional whale named Sheol appeared and swallowed the young graffiti write dropping him off in the Resound Fields on the island of Nisamehe to start the biggest adventure of his life.

His new surroundings are covered in ancient lettering pieces from years past, reminiscent of old friends styles along with creatures addicted to devious cupcakes. His goal... to find his old grandfather's field guide, make his own mark and figure out of he wants to stay on the technicolor plains to find the spirit of creation or return to the boredom of the real world.

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